by Florent



By creating your Privilege Member card for free online or at the center, benefit from a 14% tax refund (instead of 12% if you are not a Privilege Member) on the already reduced prices of The Village Outlet.



You must be:

    • A non-EU citizen
    • Visiting France for less than six months

NB : Since the 1st  January 2021, the English can benefit from Tax refund.


You must be able to prove these requirements during your purchases. If you are a foreign national, all you have to do is present your passport when you want a tax refund. Conversely, if you are French and reside outside the European Union, you will need to present us with a consulate registration card or other certification.


If you have spent at least €100.01 per transaction, you can then receive a tax refund on your purchases in the shop or at reception. If you have spent at least €100.01 (all transactions combined), you can consolidate all your purchases and receive the tax refund at reception.


You will leave The Village with the tax-free amount directly on your bank account. All you have to do is present the tax refund slip(s) to the customs office.

*To become a Privilege member, nothing could be easier. At reception, our Happiness Assistants will be glad to prepare your loyalty programme membership.


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