Zadig & Voltaire

by Margaux Jeanne

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At the origin of zadig & voltaire, there is a visionary man, Thierry Gillier, who wants to lead women towards more freedom, ease and autonomy; to free them from the weight of clothing that compresses. The idea would be to combine everything, to improvise the look, to simplify the rituals. This intuition goes in the direction of the world, precedes future behaviors. A fashion that is halfway between man and woman, leisure and work, yesterday and tomorrow, in short, a real link. Thierry Gillier invents a mix of the silhouette, slender, tonic, rock, at the crossroads of urban and wild influences. We think of Patti Smith, Jane B, Marianne Faithfull, these falsely missed boys whose sexy is more about natural neglect than old-fashioned artifice. A woman takes shape, supple, feline, tone on tone, she finally lives to the rhythm of a fashion designed for her, in movement, the amplitude of the gesture.

Thierry Gillier reflects, militates for superpositions, a t-shirt, plus a vest, plus a military jacket, everything is easy life, soft to wear like the first cashmeres of the house, big ribbed collar and tight sleeves that stop at the first phalanx. A best-seller, for comfort and ultra-flattering attitude that takes the waist and consecrates the mesh as a fully-fledged garment whose cut finally comes into play.

The same success for the Tunisian or how to invent a new t-shirt that revolutionizes cotton jersey and whose models Thierry Gillier customizes from year to year. The designer’s main idea is to bring “words” into fashion: slogans, manifestos, proper names; Thierry Gillier likes strong signifiers, punches in capital letters printed on the front page of jackets, sweaters, T-shirts whose invigorating messages take to the streets.

A devotee of the non-colour, Thierry Gillier breaks contrasts, imposed formulas, an exercise in style that consists in being able to coordinate everything without a feeling of total look, colours harmonize themselves, fade, age in beauty like cottons, accomplices of the passing of time, washed by the wind. Always this impression of naturalness, of what is essential to last, to skate. Leathers, canvases, cashmeres, materials have lived, personality, they demode the new, symbol of past years.

A man for a house made in Paris who has the audacity at his creation to summon voltaire and his hero Zadig, his alter ego, a character from a philosophical tale, capable of success, to learn chess; a man who bounces, the image of a life.













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