by Justine Racaud

Evelyne Chetrite is the founder and artistic director of the Sandro brand. Evelyne and her sister both designed the first models in the Sandro collection. Then the two sisters parted ways. That’s when Judith Milgrom launched her own brand Maje while Evelyn continued to design and create for Sandro. Her vision of femininity is the bedrock of the creation, privileging her favourite field of expression, the masculine-feminine and conferring an undeniably Parisian look to those she dresses. Evelyne imagines a wardrobe worn unambiguously by this urban girl who cultivates discretion only to become more visible. Her allure is nourished by an almost innate relevance and gives her this naturally cool air. Evelyne never forbids anything, on the sole condition of being faithful to herself. In 2008, Ilan Chétrite, Evelyne’s, led the Sandro collection for men.


The success of the Sandro brand is particularly due to the intuition of Evelyne Chétrite, who has deciphered and transcribed the desires of young modern women with her trendy collections – creative, dynamic and adapted to everyday life. What we like about Sandro is the sense of detail that makes women even more attractive. 


The pieces of the Sandro brand are chic, casual and glamorous, they adapt to the desires of young modern women. Sandro cultivates the taste for colours and precious materials, for romantic and sensual women. Thus, to stay on-trend, the collections evolve each season.

Favouring comfort at every moment, Sandro pays particular attention to materials. Sandro follows trends and fashion, while adapting to everyday life with cotton, silk and cashmere.


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