Pepe Jeans

by Justine Racaud

The Pepe Jeans brand was created in 1973 in London, particularly on the Portobello Market, the city’s trendy market. Creators Nitin Shah and her two brothers, Arun and Milan, have shown great creativity in reinventing denim by bringing originality. The brand’s jeans are rich in original details to distinguish them from the denim market.
Philippe Atlani, the brand’s French father, develops lines for women, men, children and accessories. It tries to offer its audience a wide range of trendy clothing and accessories for everyone. The Pepe Jeans woman is feminine, loves fashion without extravagance.
Pepe Jeans is a trendy brand with a casual chic style. The brand’s jeans are known to be perfectly adapted to the morphology of each woman. Pepe Jeans also offers t-shirts, sweaters, jackets to match with these jeans at the forefront of fashion trends.


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