Des Petits Hauts

by Amelia

Des Petits Hauts is a family story, the story of two sisters… Katia and Vanessa, accomplices and a complementary pair who have joined forces to create collections in their image, sensitive, creative and colourful. Everything started in 2000, when a bright idea fell from the sky… To create little tops and nothing but little tops! Soft, easy, comfortable, with charming and original prints…



From the beginning, the two sisters opened a boutique workshop at number 5 rue Keller in Paris. The facade is pink, the resin floor sprinkled with glitter, pieces of craft furniture were found at the little flea market on the corner. In the courtyard, customers are sipping grenadines, young artists are exhibiting their creations… More than a shop, it is a place of life and meetings. Other shops will follow very quickly…





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