by Vincent Favre

Since its first collection, the Bonpoint children’s fashion House, founded in 1975, stands out by its audacious style. Intuitive and visionary, the brand has established itself as THE benchmark through its modernity and its freedom, daring to present unique silhouettes. 

Transgression and subtlety regarding the associations of colours, fabrics, prints and proportions are solidly anchored in the DNA of the House.
Its unique specifications? The requirement of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that showcases rigorous techniques such as English seams, smocks, in-between lace, invisible hems, hand-made embroidery and intricate bias.

Designed as a couture house and not as a brand, heritage and transgenerational transmission are at the heart of the concept.
Thus, Bonpoint clothing becomes a perennial modern investment item.


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