by Margaux Jeanne

Elegant and contemporary, as always, please meet La Maison Lancel.






We design contemporary objects, made of the alliance between refreshing modern influences and a timeless beauty emphasizing on materials, details and savoir-faire.



Beauty is a pleasure



At Lancel, we love creating surprisingly classic items : mix of materials, bold colours, secret compartment, we like changing the routine. For seducing,  more than amaze, it reveals every single aspect of the personality of the woman who wears it.



The wealth of a savoir-faire






La Maison Lancel owns a factory in Paris in which every prototype is designed out of the imagination of the creative team.


We believe in an affordable luxury, a luxury that enables you to cut a fine figure in your daily life. It is offering you the finest leathers ans the brightest colours ; but it’s also creating for you hidden compartments, meeting your needs, desires and fantasies.  

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