La crêpe au carré

by Florette Nacer


Store contact: 04 74 94 19 66


Long overused and banalised, the crepe has been experiencing renewed interest for several years. Offerings are springing up around diverse and varied concepts, and the crepe is now a must-have in the French restaurant landscape. In this market it is imperative to have strong differentiating elements.


Our concept is articulated around 5 pillars: smiling, quality, speed, generosity and the love of good food.




In a spirit of conviviality and generosity, we offer a self-service buffet at your discretion in the morning and the afternoon. Essentially based on crepes and waffles, we will offer a range of full fruit jams and toppings in the style of a hotel buffet. Hot drinks and fresh juices will also be available.



NOON AND EVENING (On site or to take away)

OFFER 1: The consumer becomes an actor with a entirely made-to-measure crepe.

Guests choose their base (wheat, buckwheat, or vegan) at a very attractive price (between 5 & 7 euros*) and we offer them an ingredient bar allowing them to compose the crepe of their dreams. We propose toppings from 1 to 10 euros thus allowing a menu of fine and gourmet products.

OFFER 2: Simple and well executed classic recipes allowing consumers to quickly find their bearings.

This menu also allows the showcasing of products from the region through recipes “of the day”.

Our business is also based on innovation and the search for new products. We offer a range available à la carte and takeaway.

Jams, ciders and artisanal vinegars will be positioned in a dedicated grocery area.



Our business is also based on innovation and the search for new products.
We offer a range available for stay and for take away.
Homemade jams, ciders and vinegars will be placed in a dedicated grocery store.



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